Beach Glass Fusion - Fused and Cast Art Glass by Sandy Beach
"Scottish Tartans" interpreted in glass
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Scottish tartans are fascinating in their woven or even printed form. My most recent challenge has been to bring these magnificent weaves to a different expression by re-creating them as closely as possible in glass. Since glass's colorants are metallic and not like pigments or light (which produce predictable results when colors are mixed or overlaid), each tartan must be evaluated for how best to produce the closest rendition in a medium for which they were not created. The results have been satisfying, fun, frustrating and sometimes even exquisite.

If you have a tartan plaid you'd like interpreted in glass, please email me, with a photo or reference to a tartan website such as or Please be quite specific as to which tartan you want. For example, there are more than a dozen Campbell tartans; I need to know specifically which variant you are interested in. Then I can determine the best way of approximating the design in glass and we can discuss what you would like made from your custom glass tartan.

So, you're NOT SCOTTISH??? But you like tartans? Not to worry...not all tartans are absolutely Scottish in origin. Many countries, states, provinces, corporations, golf clubs, and GOATS have their own tartans. You can design your own tartan if you like. Or just appropriate one you admire, perhaps with some refinements. And if you'd like to design your own official World Register tartan, we'll even try to help you with that. But mostly, if you like tartans, make them YOURS!

Below are some samples of tartans I have already made; some are details of the items above.
Since the tartans were originally photographed backlit, I have re-photographed them flat,
as they tend to look quite different--see the inserts under the descriptions.

MacLeod of Argentina Tartan
Serving Bowl

12" x 12" x 4"

Blue, Green, Purple Diagonal Plaid
(Adapted Rainbow Tartan)
Serving Bowl

12" x 12" x 4"


Mac Diarmid Tartan
Cigar Tray



Duke of Rothsay Tartan
Cigar Tray

Braveheart Warrior Dress Tartan
12" Platter
Georgia McIntosh Tartan Bowl
Purple and blue "woven" glass with
blue, green and red stripes

Wilson 100 Tartan

12" charger in "woven" purple and teal
with black and yellow stripes


Justus Tartan Adapted
Draped Vessel

8.5" x 10"
Rainbow Tartan Adapted
Draped Vessel

7.5" x 10"

MX5 Owners Club Tartan

12" bowl in "woven" blue and green
with red, white and light blue stripes


Rainbow Tartan (adapted)

12" bowl on clear glass
multi-colored glass stripes


See Tartan Samples

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